Trimsetter Sport Pilot Chute Installation Instructions

Installation of the Trimsetter™ Collapsible PIlot Chute should be conducted by or under the supervision of a FAA Sr. Rigger or similarly qualified individual.


  1. Inspect the product for damage or defects.

  2. Pass the bridle end loop ( A ) through the #4 grommet at the center of the bottom of the main deployment bag ( B ), going from outside the bag to inside the bag.

    2.1 Shape the end of the flanged confluence wrap ( C ) into a cylinder using a compression tool such as a pair of pliers with protective foam over the plier's teeth.

    2.2 Feed the edge of the shaped confluence wrap into the #4 grommet. 

    2.3 While protecting the #4 grommet, pull the bridle until the flanged confluence wrap ( C ) has completely passed through the grommet to the inside of the bag.

  3. Ensure the colored indicator tape ( D ) can be seen both inside and outside the bag.

  4. Attach the bridle to the main canopy using a lark's head knot ( E ). Feed the entire pilot chute, bridle and deployment bag through the bridle end loop and pull until the lark's head knot formed by the bridle end loop is tightened around the canopy attachment point.