About Trimsetter™

First of all, thank you for clicking this deep into our website. We appreciate your interest.

I'm Scott Cave. Trimsetter™ Parachute Products is a branded website owned by my company, Rook Services Inc.

We wouldn't be here, doing what we do, without the support of the original Chernis Pilot Chute producer, Larry Chernis.

Larry officially hung up his needles at the end of 2019. Here's what he had to say as he stepped into an advisory roll :

The decision I made back in January was not one taken lightly and yet it was time to slow down. Since that time I have been actively seeking a qualified and motivated individual to fill the void my retiring created.

I had conversations with several qualified individuals during that time and yet nobody filled the bill, until Scott Cave.

Scott and I have been working on the manufacturing process to continue what you have always expected; a high quality, affordable, and functional pilot chute. The pilot chute Scott is producing will not disappoint you!

Scott has been skydiving for over 25 years and currently flies camera at Skydive Vancouver. He holds a commercial pilot's license and has a background in software development with a recent focus on mechanical automation. He's a graduate of Handsome Dave's Rigger School and joined the PIA in 2016. From 2016 through 2018, Scott worked as a Soft Materials Technician; building prototypes for Thin Red Line Aerospace on projects for clients like NASA and JPL.

Scott will retain the name CHERNIS COLLAPSIBLE PILOTCHUTES. I will be involved as needed in an advisory capacity for special products as needed.

My hope is you will all give Scott the support you have given me these past years and continue to make CHERNIS COLLAPSIBLE PILOT CHUTES the world wide “go to” replacement pilot chute of choice.