Trimsetter™ Collapsible Wingsuiting Pilot Chute with 9' Bridle

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Handle Types

  • Wingsuit Pillow - Our lightest handle at just 14g. It's a freefly pillow minus the tuck tab.

  • Cordura® pillow with tuck tab - Just what you expect in a "Freefly Handle". A Cordura® pillow handle with a stiffened tuck tab. 

  • Hackey with tuck tab - A round handle that's less likely to end your sit flying adventures prematurely. The classic black hackey with a stiffened Cordura® tuck tab.

  • Hackey - The classic black hackey.

Canopy Material

Trimsetter™ collapsible sport pilot chutes are constructed using material from suppliers meeting the Parachute Industry Association's standards.

  • F111 - If you aren't sure, we recommend this one

  • ZP - Slick and snappy. We highly recommend handles with tuck tabs for ZP pilot chutes


Our default pilot chute has a 28" diameter canopy made of F111 material. For faster openings with a larger snatch force, you can increase the diameter and / or use ZP instead of F111.

Here are some typical combinations

Wing Diameter Material
> 190 30" F111
190 - 135 28" F111
135 - 99 26" F111
< 99 semi-stowed lines 26" F111
< 99 fully stowed lines 24" ZP


Installation Instructions